Why are Heidi Card Printers the best badge printers?

ID card printers


ID card printers offer versatile printing capabilities on PVC cards in sizes such as CR80, CR100, and CR120. They can encode data, secure printing, and support smart card technologies. Card printers cater to various needs such as event badges, employee cards, visitor passes, student IDs, etc. Heidi card printers offer high-speed, low-cost, and high-quality direct-to-card printing solutions. Learn about their batch printing capabilities, integration with ODBC, and cloud database features to streamline your card printing needs.

Heidi Card Printer

Heidi card printers are ideal for complex card printing tasks. They offer faster badge production and batch printing capabilities for events. They can integrate with Web APIs and offer convenient cloud storage solutions. Card printers can encode magnetic-stripe cards, proximity cards, and smart card chips using card personalization software. Explore the Heidi all-in-one solution for identity card issuance, with advanced printing features, upgradeable options, and a wide range of ribbons. Additionally, discover the benefits of using the Identity® card personalization software for seamless customization.

Features Of Heidi Card Printer

  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Immediate customer service
  • High Resolution card printing
  • Advanced EMV encoding.
  • Single and dual sided card printing
  • Easy to use and maintain with minimal training.

Best Models of Heidi Card Printers

HEIDI CP55-S single sided card printers

HEIDI CP55-D dual sided card printers

Heidi CP55-K Card Printing Kiosk Solutions


Heidi card printers are highly recommended for their exceptional quality in printing badges for various purposes, such as employee cards and visitor cards. It has upgradable features like encoding magnetic swipe cards, contactless cards, smart cards, card lamination, etc.

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