build insane triceps by doing skull crushers – laz – tymoff

build insane triceps by doing skull crushers - laz - tymoff

Few exercises in the fitness world can sculpt triceps like the skull crusher. If you are a regular gym goer or just beginning your fitness journey, learning this compound exercise can help transform your arms into something extraordinary. 

This comprehensive guide will explore the intricacies behind skull crushers. We’ll also look at variations and tips from Laz and Tymoff, to help you achieve your fitness goals and build massive triceps.

Understanding the Skull Crusher – An Overview

The skull crusher is also called the lying triceps exercise. It targets the triceps, especially the long head. The unique range of motion and mechanics make this a very effective exercise to isolate and strengthen the triceps while engaging stabilizing muscle throughout the upper-body.

1. The anatomy of the Triceps is important to know before diving into the details of skull crushing. The triceps muscle is made up of three heads:

the medial, long, and lateral. Each head plays a different role in stabilizing and extending your arm. You can maximize your triceps growth by targeting all three heads with the right technique and exercise selection.

2. Skull Crusher Mechanics:

To perform the skull crusher, you must lie flat on a bench while holding a dumbbell or barbell overhead. You lower the weight to your forehead by bending the elbows and keeping the upper arms still. This movement emphasizes the role of the triceps’ long head in extending the elbows.

3. Skull Crushers Offer Several Benefits:

Skull crushers are more than just a way to develop triceps. They promote upper body stability and strength by engaging stabilizing muscles like the chest, shoulders and core. They are versatile and can be used to target different parts of the triceps. This makes them an excellent addition to any arm exercise routine.

build insane triceps by doing skull crushers - laz - tymoff

Tips for building insane triceps from Laz and Tymoff

It is important to use proper technique and form when performing any exercise. This will maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. Here are some tips from Laz & Tymoff on how to build insane triceps using skull crushers.

1. Focus on Form:

Maintain strict form during the entire movement. Keep the elbows tucked and upper arms perpendicular. Avoid using momentum or swinging to lift the weight. This can reduce the effectiveness of the workout and increase the risk for injury.

2. Control the Eccentric phase:

Be sure to control the descent of weights with a controlled and slow motion. This will not only increase the time spent under tension, but also ensure that muscles are activated and engaged throughout the entire range of motion.

3. Mind-Muscle Connect:

Focus on creating a strong connection between the mind and the muscles of the triceps during the entire exercise. Visualize the muscle lengthening and contracting with every repetition. Engage the triceps consciously to drive the movement, rather than relying on external force or momentum.

4. Gradually increase weight:

Overload the muscles by increasing the weight of the skull crushers gradually over time. You should aim to use weights that will allow you to perform controlled repetitions while maintaining good form and technique.

5. Include Variations:

Try different variations of skull-crusher exercises to target different parts of your triceps. This will add variety to the workout. You can use different grip widths or angles or even equipment variations like dumbbells or cables.

Advanced Techniques & Variations

If you want to push your triceps to the next level with your training, incorporate advanced techniques and variations in your skull crushing routine. Consider these options:

1. Close-Grip skull crushers:

Do skull crushings with a smaller grip to highlight the medial head. This variation puts more emphasis on the inner part of the triceps and helps to create a more defined appearance.

2. Incline Skull Crushers:

Perform skull crushers while seated on an inclined bench. This will change the angle and allow you to target different parts of the triceps. This variation focuses more on the long head, which helps to increase the thickness and size of the triceps.

3. Skull crushers Reverse-Grip:

Do skull crushers using a reverse grip, with palms facing you. This will shift the focus to the lateral head. This variation targets the outer portion, which enhances overall arm definition and balance.

4. Drop sets and supersets:

Include drop sets and supersets in your skull crusher routine for increased intensity and to stimulate muscle growth. It involves doing multiple skull crusher sets with little rest in between or gradually reducing the weight within each set to fatigue your muscles.


1. What are skull-crushers, and how can they be used to target the triceps muscles?

Skull Crushers, or lying triceps extension, is a strength-training exercise that targets the triceps. This exercise requires lying on a flat bench, holding a weight overhead. Then, bend the elbows and lower the weight to the forehead before returning to the starting position. This exercise isolates the triceps and in particular the long head. It helps to increase strength and size.

2. Can beginners safely perform skull crushers?

Yes, beginners are able to safely perform skull crushers by using lighter weights. They should also focus on the correct form and technique. You should gradually increase weights as your strength increases and listen to your body in order to avoid injury or overexertion. Consult a personal trainer or fitness professional for guidance on the proper form and progression.

3. How often should you incorporate skull crushers into your workout?

The frequency with which skull crushers are used in a program depends on the individual’s goals, fitness levels, and overall structure of the program. Skull crushers can be incorporated into a complete arm workout 1-2 times a week for most people to target the triceps while promoting muscle development. To prevent overtraining, it’s important to give yourself enough time to recover and rest between sessions.

4. What are the different variations of skull crushings that target different areas of the triceps muscles?

There are many variations of skull-crushing exercises that target different parts of your triceps. They can also add variety to the workout. There are several variations of skull crushers that can be used, including reverse-grip, incline, and close-grip. You can also use different equipment, such as dumbbells or cables. It is important to experiment with different variations in order to stimulate muscle growth.

5. How can I prevent injury when performing skull crushers

It is important to maintain control and proper technique when performing skull crushers. This is especially true during the lowering portion of the exercise. To minimize joint strain, keep the elbows tucked and the upper arms still throughout the exercise. Start with lighter weights, and increase resistance gradually as your strength and ability improve. Stop exercising if you feel any pain or discomfort. Consult a professional fitness trainer if this happens.

6. Can skull crushers improve arm strength and aesthetics in general?

Skull crushers are effective in improving arm strength and appearance by targeting the triceps. These muscles make up an important portion of upper arm muscle. Strengthening the triceps will improve arm definition and push movements like bench presses and shoulders presses. It can also contribute to a more balanced physique. Skull crushers can be incorporated into an arm workout along with other compound exercises and isolation exercises to achieve a well-rounded arm buildup.

7. How can I continue to see gains in my triceps size and strength with skull crushers?

Consider adding more sets, repetitions or advanced techniques like supersets or drop sets to continue progressing with skull crushers. Focusing on progressive overload, which involves challenging muscles with heavier weights over time, can also help to stimulate muscle growth. Listen to your body and adjust intensity as necessary. Prioritize proper form in order to maximize results, while minimizing injury risk.

build insane triceps by doing skull crushers - laz - tymoff

To conclude:

Skull crushers are an excellent exercise to build insane triceps. They can also help you achieve your fitness goals. You can achieve the best results by mastering proper technique and form and using expert tips from Laz & Tymoff. Check:Trulife Distribution Lawsuit: Examining CEO Brian Gould’s Role

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced lifter, skull crushers will always challenge you and help push your limits. To see results, experiment with different variations, use advanced techniques and remain consistent. You can achieve the insane triceps that you have always wanted with dedication, perseverance and commitment to excellence.

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